What else should I read?

Here is a collection of links to thoughts on education from innovators, reformers, campaigners and disgruntled parents. You can also find them on the Clean Slate Pinterest Board.

Thinkers and Reformers

Tres Columnae: Building a Joyful Learning Community
Fishtree Blog: Why Technology Will Never Replace Teachers
Peter Gray: School is a Prison and Damaging our Kids

TED talks

Ken Robinson: Changing Paradigms

Disgruntled Parents

The problem according to Everyone Else is Normal

Time for a re-think – Marcos Branza shares an example of self-organised learning

Whose curriculum is it anyway? Over on Not Different but Interesting, Leoarna considers flexi-schooling her daughter


  1. Have you signed up to the Save Childhood Movement campaign Too Much Too Soon? This is perfect for Clean Slate. I’m going to write a post about it very soon encouraging people to sign up. Once I’ve written it you could link up with it perhaps or write your own? I’m so excited that leaders in education are standing up and saying this, tempered by the appallingly arrogant response of the Conservative education ministers….See http://www.savechildhood.net, and also http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-24058227. PS Thanks for link to my post!

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