What is Clean Slate?

Clean Slate

Having spent many years of my life at school in various countries in the world, then teaching in Further Education and now looking around for good schools in my local area for my own children, education has never been far from my thoughts. I love learning and always have. I loved school. But I have encountered so many students in my line of work who don’t and never have. Default setting: apathy. Then I had my son, and as I watched him teach himself to count and write numbers and letters, I started to wonder where it has all gone wrong. What happens between the toddler’s unbridled enthusiasm for learning and the 16 year olds unable to read and write streaming into colleges all over the country?

I decided to start imagining a new school, and to start with a clean slate. Make no assumptions. Do we need classrooms? Do we need exams? Do we need Ofsted? Does learning have to be monitored? Do we need to have ‘subjects’? If Maths and English are key, should we be pushing them, or stepping back and letting go of them completely?

Clean Slate is my answer – school which doesn’t stop playing.


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